'Homosexuality A Disorder Not Genetic'


A physician, Dr. Nkechi Asogwa, on Monday in Lagos, said same-sex attraction popularly referred to as homosexuality was a “disorder” rather than a “genetic defect.”

Asogwa, who is the Secretary, Doctors Health Initiative, a civil rights group, disclosed that a counselling process called conversion therapy could correct such a “disorder.”

“There is no homosexual gene in the human genome; that has been proven.

“Even the pioneers that were all fighting to look for the phantom gene, there is no such gene. What you have is what is known as Same-Sex Attraction Disorder (SAD).

“For that disorder there is a therapy. In this situation we’ve had cases of people with the Same-Sex Attraction Disorder being treated and after therapy they have come back to normal relationships.

“So what we can do is, tell people with disorder that such disorders are normal.

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“And as a medical practitioner, I would think that things that are disorders should be treated.

“You shouldn’t just go along because it’s politically correct to accept such issues and you go along with that.

“Let’s be honest with ourselves. If it’s possible to treat such things, let’s treat them.

“And it’s possible. It’s on record that we have former homosexuals speaking out about their change in behaviour.“

Asogwa, however, urged medical practitioners and stakeholders in the health sector to organise enlightenment programmes on homosexuality, especially in schools and at youth forums.

She also urged persons with sexual disorder syndrome to seek medical counselling to correct the disorder.