Redeemed Church Ends 100 Days Fasting

•Pastor Adeboye

•Pastor Adeboye

Femi Anjorin

The 100 days of fasting and prayer programme embarked upon by the members of the Redeemed Christian Church of God, RCCG, comes to an end Friday with three hours of praises and worship in all the Provincial Headquarters of the church worldwide.

The praises and worship is expected to start at 6.00 p.m. and ends at 9.00 p.m.

•Pastor Adeboye
•Pastor Adeboye

The General Overseer of the church, Pastor Enoch Adejare Adeboye declared a 100-day fasting and prayer for all the members of the church at the beginning of this year.

The fasting and prayer commenced on 2 January, 2014. At the beginning of the fasting, Pastor Adeboye told the congregation that if any member could fast for 14 days without food, it would be regarded as 28 days while whoever could fast for 21 days without food, it would be counted to be 63 days.

He also said if anybody could fast without food for 30 days, it would be taken as 100 days.

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The period has been described as memorable among the faithful of the church since only the old members witnessed this type of fasting in 1996 when Pastor Adeboye declared 100 days of fasting.

Speaking on the importance of the fasting to his congregation, Pastor Adeboye said the destiny of Nigeria will be determined this year as against the belief of some that 2015 will be the determining factor. He therefore urged every member to take the fasting and prayer seriously.

Also speaking on the benefit of the exercise, the Assistant Pastor in Charge of Lagos Province 9, Pastor Gabriel Akintunde Adarabioyo, said “the exercise is highly rewarding in many ways.”

He said it was a period of refreshing, empowerment and reunion with God.

Comparing this year’s exercise with 1996 exercise, he said, “the grace for this year is more abundant than that of 1996.”

Also, a medical doctor with Lagos State, Dr. Michael Kayode, who is also a member of the church said “the exercise is worthwhile. I have started to reap the result of the exercise both physically and spiritually. For example, I lost almost eight kilogrammes in my weight, which is good for my body. My stomach which has a tendency of protruding has reduced tremendously.”