135 die in Boko Haram latest attacks


Senator Ahmed Zannah from Borno state has disputed the official death toll in the latest attacks by militiamen of the insurgent group, Boko Haram.

While officially an estimated 19 people died including six teachers, Zannah said 135 civilians were killed in three separate attacks in the state.

Senator Zannah said the attackers first target was a teacher training college in the town of Dikwa.

They killed five people there and abducted several women, he said. The attackers burned down the college library before escaping, Mr Zannah said.

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The militants then attacked two villages near the border with Cameroon killing a further 130 people, the senator said.

The attacks took place on Wednesday and Thursday, with initial reports claiming around 70 people had been killed.

The Nigerian military has not yet commented on the attacks.

.Zanna spoke with the BBC