Three-year old baby, three others dead in military helicopter crash in Namibia

Military helicopter crash

Site of the crash

Site of the crash
Site of the crash

Four people including a three-year old boy have died after a military helicopter crashed in north-east Namibia, the defence ministry and military sources said today.

The helicopter crashed shortly after take-off early Friday, killing three of the 10 people on board instantly and injuring the toddler, who died later in hospital, military sources said.

All six surviving passengers are being treated for serious injuries.

Defence minister Nahas Angula said the helicopter failed to gain altitude and crashed at the end of the runway and burst into flames.

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The minister refused to confirm or deny reports the helicopter was en route to the capital Windhoek to pick him up and take him to an air force graduation ceremony.

“Whether it was going to pick me up or not is irrelevant. The fact is that the helicopter was on official duty,” he said.

Angula said an investigation into the accident had been launched.