Presh: I Am Back For Good 



Funsho Arogundade

After almost two years break from the scene, Presh, one half of the defunct boys band, KCPresh, has staged a big comeback into the music scene and said he is back for good.


Speaking with P.M.NEWS Entertainment Café recently, Presh said he has been away from the country to re-tool and repackage his musical talent after leaving his former band mate, KCee.

“I have been away from the scene to repackage myself as a solo artiste. While abroad, I took time to train my voice as well as learn one or two things about music business. Now, I am back for good to take my rightful place on the Nigerian entertainment scene,” Presh told P.M.NEWS Entertainment café.

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And to take his place, Presh has landed himself a multi-million naira recording deal with Erik Manny Records and the release of a new single titled Olegelenge *Beautiful). The new song is produced by Blaq Jersey.

After they emerged the first winner of now rested Star Quest, the music reality TV show, Presh with his partner KCee took the scene by storm until 2012,

Speaking on the separation with KCee, the diminutive singer said he does not regret collaborating with KCee but it is better for any artiste to be on his or her own.

“I am not against people coming together to form a band, but I have realised that it is better to be alone so that one can explore one’s talents and put your destiny in your own hand. I am not saying I regretted working with KCee but I would not advise anybody to form collaboration. Do your thing yourself, if it profits you, you enjoy that alone, if you lose, you also enjoy that alone. It will also make you know what you can do,” he said.