LASTMA, VIO Impound 113,200 Vehicles Over Traffic Violations

Kayode Opeifa

Kayode Opeifa

Kazeem Ugbodaga

Officials of the Lagos State Traffic Managment Authority, LASTMA, and the Vehicle Inspection Service, VIS, have impounded over 113,200 vehicles across Lagos State for breaking traffic laws and non-possession of complete vehicle documents in the last one year.

Commissioner for Transportation, Kayode Opeifa, gave the figure at the weekend at a ministerial press briefing, but noted that the rate of arrest or siezure has gone down drastically as motorists now comply with the road traffic law.

He said the vehicles were impounded between between January 2013 and February 2014.

While LASTMA impounded 25,600 vehicles for traffic violation, the Vehicle Inspection Officers, VIO, impounded 87,600 vehicles over non-possession of complete vehicle documents across the state.

In January 2013, about 1,800 vehicles were impounded and fined for breaking traffic law while in the following month,1,750 vehicles were impounded and the figure went up in March 2013 when about 2,000 vehicles were impounded for traffic offence.

In April of the same year, more traffic violations were recorded as 2,300 vehicles were impounded and the owners fined. The figure went down a little in May, with 2,200 vehicles impounded by the agency.

In June, July and August of the same year, 1,800, 2,200 and 1,800 vehicles were impounded respectively for traffic violation, while in September, October, November and December, 2013, 1,700, 1,600, 1,550 and 1,300 vehicles were impounded respectively for traffic violations.

Between January and February, 2014, over 3,600 vehicles were impounded by LASTMA officers for breaking the road traffic law and fined accordingly.

Also, over 1,000 vehicles were impounded for driving against traffic in the last one year as owners of such vehicles forfeited them to the Lagos State Government in accordance with the road traffic law.

Vehicle Inspection Officers, VIO, impounded 5,500, 7,000, 6,800 vehicles in January, February and March 2013 respectively while in April, May and June, 5,800, 6,100 and 5,000 vehicles were seized respectively over incomplete vehicle documentations.

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In July, August and September, 2013, 6,100, 7,000 and 7,100 vehicles were seized respectively while in October, November and December, 7,100, 11,100 and 2,800 vehicles were impounded respectively.

While 5,800 vehicles were impounded in January 2014,  6,500 vehicles were impounded in February over incomplete vehicle documentations.

Speaking on the unified drivers’ license, Opeifa disclosed that 104,383 applicants were still awaiting photo-cature while as at June 2012 to date, 417,653 applicants have had their drivers’ license processed.

The commissioner added that the government had released 303,872 drivers license to their owners, while 9,398 processed drivers’ licenses were still awaiting collection.

On the proposed Lagos State Taxi Policy Reform, Opeifa said no individual or corporate entity shall operate a taxi cab service in Lagos State without a valid taxi cab service operator’s license obtained from the state.

“All Lagos Taxi Cab operators must obtain an operator’s license which shall be the authority to operate a taxi cab service. The operator’s license must be affixed to the vehicle at all times. The taxi cab license shall be a tradeable instrument at the Taxi Exchange to be organized by the state, license owners and investors.”

He said taxi cab must be operated by only drivers with valid drivers’ license and Lagos State Drivers Institute Certification, as they must have a Driver’s Badge duly affixed to the vehicle driven by the driver at all times of operation.

“The taxi cab must not be more than five years old from the date of manufacture as at the time of first usage for cab service operation and must possess roadworthiness certificate twice in a year in which one will be for the renewal of the taxi operator’s license.

“Operators must have at least a Third Party Insurance in addition to a Passenger Safety Insurance presented to cover death, injury and permanent disability,” he explained.

The taxi cab will be subjected to periodic inspection in addition to the regular roadworthy certification prescribed by the Road Traffic Law 2012.

“Adverts to be placed on taxi cabs are subject to the approval of the Ministry of Transportation and Lagos State Signages and Advertising Agency (LASAA). Taxi stands for the exclusive use of the taxi cabs and the passengers shall be created,” he explained.