StarTimes Assures Subcribers Of Smooth Migration

•Irete, Startimes PR Manager

•Irete, Startimes PR Manager

StarTimes has restated its commitment to ensuring that Nigerians have access to affordable digital television as it announces that some free to access channels would be available to its customers in Jos, the first city to switch off analogue television.

According to Irete Anetor, Public Relations Manager at NTA-Star TV Network, the Nigerian Broadcasting Corporation, NBC, has obliged NTA – Star TV Network (StarTimes) to carry out the obligations of states and local television stations in Nigeria, especially in Jos – the pilot city for digital migration.

“As the country progresses in its process of digital migration, StarTimes, as a platform for digital migration, is saddled with the responsibility of helping Nigeria migrate successfully from analogue to digital television and is the only licensed carrier of Digital Terrestrial Television, DTT, services in the country.

•Irete, Startimes PR Manager
•Irete, Startimes PR Manager

In view of our role in the process, the free to access channels makes it possible for our customers in Jos to enjoy some of their favorite analogue channels on our digital platform even as the city has switched over to digital broadcasting,” he said.

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Anetor stated that Nigerians can confidently migrate into digital space with StarTimes as it provides them with the latest technology in DTT operations – DVB-T2 technology – which will give over 70 channels and quality digital entertainment.

StarTimes DVB-T2 decoder will gather over 70 channels of great sports, music, movies, news, kids and teens’ entertainment, documentary, religion and lots more.

“StarTimes came into the pay-TV industry and made digital television affordable to a large number of Nigerians for them to enjoy real digital TV service; for every African family to afford, think highly of and enjoy the good of digital TV,” said Anetor.

He added that prior to the entrance of StarTimes into the pay-TV industry in Africa and Nigeria, in particular digital pay-TV services were only accessible to a few Nigerians because of its very high cost. “Our vision is to help Nigeria migrate successfully from analogue to digital television transmission, revolutionise the digital broadcasting industry by providing a digital pay-TV service that is affordable and available to all Nigerians,” Anetor said.