Divorce Drama: 'We Had Sex Before Coming To Court'

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Cyriacus Izuekwe

There was a mild drama at Ejigbo Customary Court in Lagos State, western Nigeria, on Monday when a housewife, Mariam Jimoh rejected the divorce suit instituted against her by her husband, Sunday, insisting that they must continue with their 10-year old marriage.

Mariam was taken to court by her husband who is from Oyo State, seeking for the dissolution of their marriage because he claimed that he no longer loved her.

The mother of two insisted that her husband still loves her as they are still living together in the same apartment, sleeping together in the same bed and making love regularly as husband and wife.

The woman also revealed in the court that Sunday made love to her that early morning before they came to court for trial.

She wondered why Sunday would claim he was no more in love with her whereas they are planning to have another baby.

Ogun State-born Mariam said that they are living peacefully because he provides for them and she was still playing her role as his wife by taking care of him and children.

She asked: “where does he want me to go after two kids and the sacrifices I have made for 10 years to keep the relationship?”

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The embittered wife said she was still surprised that her husband brought her to the court seeking for divorce even when she showers him with love.

She narrated that they started the relationship when she was in secondary school and they later got married without the consent of her parents.

She said the relationship produced two children, David, 6, and Simon, 4, despite the fact that she did not pay her bride price.

Mariam said she was surprised when she received court summons to appear before the court, adding that the summons did not stop them from living as couple.

Sunday confirmed that they are still living together because of the children and said he was tired of the marriage because her parents did not support it in the first place.

While the matter was going on in court, the parents of the couple who had not met each other since the marriage started 10 years ago appeared in court.

They pleaded with the court to allow them step into the matter to resolve it out of court because of the children. Consequently, the court adjourned till 30 July, 2014 for report of settlement.