Grasscutter Farming Is Work In Progress

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By Prince Arinze Onebunne

In the past decade, food prices have skyrocketed to all-time high, in 2010-2011 alone, rising food prices pushed nearly 70 million people into extreme poverty.

Think about it, hundreds of millions of our fellow human beings don’t get enough to eat especially in Africa our beloved continent; many of our graduates are without jobs. Meanwhile, solutions exist. Does that make you unhappy? Then, let’s show poverty red card by investing in food production. Ultimately it is people who will bring an end to unemployment. Through our nationwide agro-seminars, Jovana Farms is leading nationwide efforts to defeat hunger, join us.


Nigeria has a population of about 160 million from the 6.5 billion of the world population. Even with these, less than 20 percent are rich while more than 80 percent are poor. The question you must ask yourself is…. What category do I belong? Do you earn enough? Are you tired of being bossed around or fear of being sacked anytime? Do you want to choose your own working hours? Do you need extra or part-time business that will give you extra income? If you answer yes, then plan yourself out of employment and step outside the box.

With rising unemployment rates in Nigeria, it is hard to see progress, unless we make agriculture attractive. The road to sustainable employment creation will not be found only in government establishments. Instead, it will be discovered through entrepreneurship. The Nigeria’s economic recovery programs have necessitated a radical shift from total dependence on government for jobs to self-employment.

Ever heard of grasscutter farming? No. Then you are behind time. Grasscutter breeding-the new income earner is thriving. To be in the business, all you need to do is to convert that space in your backyard into a farm. Many, who are into it, are making their millions quietly and boosting the Gross Domestic Product (GDP).

At Jovana Farms we are encouraging people to start small-scale farming because it has enormous capacity to touch lives. Although, large scale farming has its own advantage, but it’s capital intensive and the risk aversion nature of our people have made it difficult for many entrepreneurs to go into it and so, the price of food has remained high in Nigeria.


There are inspiring and interesting accounts of backyard entrepreneurs, who have achieved tremendous financial success from this relatively low-profile, but forward- thinking venture. Many of these small scale animal farming businesses have emerged because of the country’s sluggish economy that has compelled the unemployed to look inwards.

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If you have any available space at the backyard, then you don’t have problem to start grasscutter production.

Currently, there is a wide gap in the food supply chain; the demand for healthy-meat in cities is high and growing as fast as the urban population. Besides, one can start raising mushroom, grasscutter (domesticated bush-meat) and snail for profit. A little care, market planning and timely technical support can bring amazing results for any serious farmer.

 Today, we have developed a delivery system that brought the grasscutters to the doorstep of our clients. If you solve a problem, people will pay you for it. This valued-added service sky-rocketed the reputation of JOVANA FARMS as the grasscutter company of choice in Nigeria.

Other opportunities are in poultry and pig farming; it has become imperative to adopt livestock farming for sustainable agricultural production and for the economic prosperity of the farmers. This stemmed from the fact that Nigerians are becoming health conscious by avoiding the consumption of red meat that is loaded with cholesterol.

Currently, demand for domesticated bush-meat (grasscutter) is growing higher than those killed by hunters from the forest. This development may not be unconnected with the recent outbreak of Ebola virus disease in some West African countries. According to World Health Organisation, Ebola virus disease is spread by Chimpanzes, gorillas, monkeys and fruit bats. Fruit bats are considered to be the natural host of Ebola virus, not all animals.

To raise grasscutter, one requires at least N60,000. These include the cost of the 5-grasscutters and their cage. Feeding them is affordable; they are no longer bush-meat but domesticated white-meat. They are no longer ‘’grass-cutters but grass-eaters’’. The farmer is now the grasscutter because he goes into the bush to cut the grass for the animal that’s now the grass-eaters in the house.

To succeed in animal farming, new farmers are advised to “sit at the feet” of a mentor-someone that has years of experience, has made the mistake, has learned how to succeed and is willing to pass that knowledge down. Attend Jovana Farms nationwide seminars nearest to you and know more opportunities in grasscutter farming.

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