How To  Cover Acne With Makeup


Applying make-up on top of spots might not make sense to some people, but it’s a lifeline for others. Help ‘fake’ that perfect complexion with this advice.

Prepare The Skin

It is important to have a thorough skin care regimen that you follow every morning at night. At the very minimum, you should cleanse and moisturize your skin twice daily.

Before you put on makeup, wash your face thoroughly and use a face-wash to cleanse your skin and wash away any dirt or impurities. Try to avoid a face-wash that exfoliates as they tend to irritate the skin and cause more redness. Use soft cloths and regularly clean your towels. Always pat skin dry – never run with a towel!

Use a non-greasy moisturiser to the skin; ideally, it shouldn’t have an oil base, as there is no need to add more oil to the skin. Acne is caused by overactive sebum (oil) production.

Applying Makeup

Once your face has been thoroughly washed and cleansed, use a primer as they have a silicone base that helps fill in lines and evens out the surface texture of the skin. It makes your makeup stay on longer and stays true to its actual colour.

Use an oil-free foundation. Avoid overloading the skin with makeup to ‘cover’ up impurities as this will block pores and may encourage more spots in the future. Remember to find a good colour match concealer and blend it with your foundation. Just add a small dot of concealer and lightly tap it onto your blemish until it blends and looks natural. Use your ring finger it applies the perfect amount of pressure for applying concealer. Make sure your hands are clean first!

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Applying too much concealer can make acne scars more visible or cause the makeup to look cakey.  Don’t choose a concealer that is lighter than your skin tone or you will just bring attention to the thing you are trying to cover up!

Don’t mask your face, embellish your makeup with gorgeous blushers, highlighters and colours to detract attention.  Be careful with bronzers and blushers as the fine particles in the powder can clog up your pores and create more blemishes and spots.

Apply eyeliner, eye shadows and mascara to emphasis your eyes, this will draw in attention to your beautiful eyes. If you’re out for the evening, use false eyelashes for a show-stopping look! illuminators and brightening products are great for the under-eye area, but if you use them on a blemish, they’ll draw the eye right to it.

Removing makeup

Face wipes are great to get rid of makeup in a hurry, but it does not help cleanse the skin effectively – especially when you have acne.

Always wash off all your makeup at night before you go to bed, and make sure pillowcases are regularly washed as well. This prevents any pores from clogging up.

Source: Femalefirst

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