Forgive Me, Gov Chime’s Wife Begs Him

•Gov Chime and Clara

•Gov Chime and Clara

Jeminat Adamson

The estranged wife of Enugu State Governor, Mrs. Clara Chime, has begged her husband for forgiveness over her allegations that she was abused and illegally confined inside the state Government House on the orders of her husband.

Clara, who moved out of the Government House last year, said in a letter she has just released that she regretted her actions and  willing to apologise publicly.

In the letter, she also apologised to Enugu women for her misleading and shocking revelations which are now used against her husband by his political detractors, explaining that she was brainwashed by a psychiatrist.

She assured the women that Governor Sullivan Chime is still her husband and appealed to them to keep supporting him as their leader.

•Gov Chime and Clara
•Gov Chime and Clara

Her lawyer, Femi Falana (SAN) confirmed to P.M.NEWS Tuesday that he was aware of Clara’s apology letter to her husband, Governor Sullivan Chime.

Falana, however, declined further comment on the letter, which is reproduced here.

Clara’s letter read: “At the deepest of my thought emanated this truth, which I believe is worth to share with the nation because of the ongoing political movement in Enugu State in which my name is attached.

“At the point I wrote to Human Rights Commission and got linked to Falana & Falana Chambers to facilitate in granting me right of freedom from the Enugu Governor’s Lodge, it was my personal decision because then, His Excellency Governor Sullivan Chime and a brother of mine were brain-washed by a psychiatrist who advised that I should be locked in and confided in an enclosure on the grounds that I was sick, which I’m yet to find out; and must see the end of it.

“The psychiatrist presented to the world that I was suffering from mental illness and till date, has refused to furnish H.E. Governor Sullivan with detailed report of his assumed illness assessment. My appearance on Channels TV was to debunk some awkward perceptions, and to be seen and heard by the public, which was triggered on the grounds that H.E. Governor Sullivan Chime permitted dehumanising plans that were targeted at me by his enemies.

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“I hereby sincerely apologise and take back my words, leaving other things in the hands of God.

“My dearest Enugu women, like you all know, my teachings, right from the onset have been ‘making heaven a priority; and let the truth be told and accepted at all costs.’ Indeed, I plead with you all to forgive me if by chance I was misunderstood, especially going by the manner the media played out my exit. I still remain that your lovely daughter, teacher, wife and mother.

“I must confess that I miss you all, and please you all should acknowledge that my option of taking an exit then was divine. If you carefully listened to my last speech during my last outing in the state (Enugu) or I advise you renew your memory by getting a copy of my speech, then you will ascertain that it was my personal decision, which was divine from God to take an exit; only that enemies played up my exit like there were other motives they had.

“My dear Enugu women, as we all know, the Bible made us to understand that we must always pray for our leaders at all times! Like I rightly said to you all three years ago, (during Governor Sullivan Chime second term election) that your votes are for H.E. Governor Sullivan Chime, a man who’s zeal and passion are to create good governance and instill virtues of good governance in his staff. I remember stressing that your votes weren’t meant for any of his staff rather to him, whom you all know his call for service was divine.

“I hereby state that you all shouldn’t mind the detractors who are using my name to gain cheap loyalty, popularity and distrust towards H.E. Governor Sullivan Chime. He still remains who I have always made you all to believe he was (a lovely, God fearing good man!). Please, do not hesitate to ride on with him towards any direction he chooses to go.

“H.E. Governor Sullivan Chime still remains President Goodluck Jonathan’s loyal son and all thanks to Mr. President for believing in him till date. My sincere gratitude and loyalty go to the First Lady of Federal Republic of Nigeria, Her Excellency, Dame Patience Jonathan, for the new opportunity God used her to bestow upon me.

“The letter that was published by Sahara Reporters on November 5, 2013 didn’t emanate from me and can never emanate from me. Finally, please my family squabbles should be left between Gov Sullivan Iheanacho Chime and I, which we too have left in God’s hands. It must cease to be for public consumption. Thank you and God bless.”

Clara  alleged in November 2013 that she was confined to the Governor’s Lodge against her will by her  husband.

The news of the alleged illegal detention went viral, when  she wrote to the Human Rights Commission and other human rights groups and the Inspector General of Police calling their attention to her solitary confinement and violation of her right to human dignity and freedom of movement. Governor Chime, however, initially denied the allegations but later clarified that Clara was mentally ill and was only receiving treatment at the Governor’s Lodge.