Dogs nab Nigerian after jumping White House fence

Dominic Adesanya

Dominic Adesanya: Instagram via Mega Don

White House
White House

A suspect who climbed over the White House fence Wednesday was nabbed by Secret Service agents and dogs, a spokesman for the elite agency said.

“At approximately 7:16 pm (1116 GMT), an individual climbed the north fence line of the White House,” the spokesman said.

“The individual was immediately taken into custody on the north lawn of the White House by Secret Service Uniformed Division K-9 teams and Uniformed Division Officers.”

The fence climber was identified as 23-year-old Dominic Adesanya from Marlyand, near the US capital, the spokesman said.

“Charges are pending. Adesanya was unarmed at the time of his arrest.”

Video on local media appeared to show a man being intercepted by officers before he had a chance to reach the White House.

“The subject is being transported to a local hospital for evaluation,” the Secret Service spokesman added.

Dominic Adesanya: Instagram via Mega Don
Dominic Adesanya: Instagram via Mega Don

Adesanya’s father later told ABC 2 that his son had been arrested at the White House before and that he wanted to speak to the president about how people were out to get him. The father said that the family had tried to get him help.

Adesanya’s last post to Instagram on Tuesday showed an I Voted sticker captioned ‘Voted for this B #ImpeachObama.’
Other photos show him in action for Stevenson University in track and field, or showing off his physique in shirtless selfies.

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It was reported that Adesanya also seemed to have an obsession with the Rothschild family, in particular Nathaniel Philip Rothschild, the British-born Swiss financier.

On a LinkedIn page with zero connections, in place of a job title, he describes himself as an ‘American Slave’ and rants about the Rothschild banking family.

“Still waiting for Nathaniel Philip Rothschild and his father; Nathaniel Charles Jacob Rothschild-4th Baron Rothschild to let me go,” his profile states.

On September 19, another man, Omar Gonzalez, jumped the White House fence and allegedly sprinted across the lawn and entered the building with a knife in his pocket.

Gonzalez has been indicted on two counts of “assaulting, resisting, or impeding” US Secret Service agents.

In jail since his arrest, Gonzalez is an Iraq veteran reportedly suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

He is accused of entering the main door of the White House after sprinting across the presidential mansion’s lawn. The president and his family had left the White House only a short time before.

This and other security lapses sparked withering criticism of the Secret Service and led to the resignation of the head of the elite presidential protection agency.

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