A Violence-Free Election


As political gladiators in Nigeria get set for their parties’ primaries ahead of the general elections next year, tension is likely to rise. Many aspirants have indicated their intentions to contest their parties’ primaries, and already in the traditional and social media the rhetoric is changing.

Many lies, half-truths and even blackmail are being thrown into the public space by supporters of contestants to discredit their principals’ opponents.

Many aspirants who have chosen to remain positive are releasing their manifestos to the public to woo the electorate.

Adverts are also appearing in the media and candidates who are declaring already are all claiming to have the backing of their parties’ leadership.

All these moves are expected in politicking. But no matter what, no aspirant should resort to violence to force their will on the electorate.

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It is our opinion that aspirants should rather focus on winning the electorate with brilliant ideas, superior logic and well articulated policies that will make Nigeria better.

They should talk about how to create jobs, reduce unemployment, improve security, and bolster our sluggish economy.

They should show the difference between them and others and tell the electorate in clear terms why they deserve to be elected.

Instead of trying to win by the guns, we reiterate that aspirants should woo the electorate with brilliant arguments and show that they are trustworthy and ready to fulfill their campaign promises. After all, no one wants to rule over dead people.

Politicians should build alliances that can assure them victory rather than engage thugs to do their bidding, as few cases of murder involving members of political parties have already taken place in Lagos and other states while elections are yet to take place across the country.

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