1 in 3 Nigerian women experience domestic violence

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence

A United Kingdom based women empowerment coach and cousellor, Ms Felicity Okolo, said on Saturday that one in three Nigerian women experienced fatal domestic violence.

Okolo also advised couples who faced domestic violence to avoid friends who encouraged family break- up.

The counsellor, a victim of domestic violence who gave the advice while speaking with journalists in Lagos, said couples should eschew name-calling, impolite attitude and imposition of opinions.

Okolo said coupls should also avoid the use of hurtful words that could lead to physical abuse and later divorce.

She said that people should avoid domestic violence because it affected businesses or the careers of person involved.

“Persons who are involved in domestic violence do not stop at wife battering. It continues with child abuse and impacts negatively on the family,” Okolo said.

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Photo: memoirsofayorubagirl
Photo: memoirsofayorubagirl

The empowerment coach said it was regrettable that couples stayed in abusive relationship because of religious beliefs, values, culture and money.

“Religious institutions have to be educated more on how to handle abusive relationships. Clerics have different views on how to handle domestic violence.

“Some will advise that the parties involved should keep enduring, pray and go and be a good wife and submit to their husbands,” Okolo said.

She advised couples or women facing abusive marriage to go for counseling, saying: “You have to be alive to obey God’s words.

“If it is not working get help, get counseling,” Okolo said.

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