A Year Anniversary Of Iyaloja General


By J.O. Kayode

Our Maker in His ubiquity has knowledge of happenings around us both positive and negative. God, though, will not stop sending reformers and social crusaders to reconstitute archaic system within communities to perfect all imperfections in order to provide platform for equity and fair play in all facets of life.

We all know that knowledge and wisdom are gifts from the most high which He bestows on whoever He deems fit and adorn the crown of intelligence. It does not require Methusalahic age to be endowed with Solomonic wisdom.

Quote right and believe me, I am not on her payroll and I am not soliciting for cheap publicity by stating the obvious: Chief Mrs Shade Tinubu-Ojo is a gift to humanity.   

It was supposed to be a year Anniversary to mark her installation as Iyaloja General of Nigeria by the revered Eleko of Eko, Oba Rilwan Akinolu in October, 2013. It was rather a carnival sort of. The gaily dressed women in their orange lace fabric added to the gaiety of the occasion.

If not to despise menfolk, one could have aptly concluded that there would be no world without women. Women are probably the salt of the world.

However, they were not cocooning in the oasis of depression though, men were also not found wanting in their strides. Decked with green caps, white brocade or lace attire and simple footwear (or pads) were all that required to complement their personalities.

The day was 2nd November 2014 and venue was blue Roof Hall, LTV Station House Ikeja.

Many eminent personalities, Baales and obas had arrived the venue before the scent of Oyo royalty pervaded the atmosphere and the handsome six footer progenitor of Bashorun’s dynasty, Alhaji Yusuf breezed in. I was flabbergasted by the turn of events with attention of the low and high shifted to the direction of the immaculately dressed czar of Oyemesis. A woman in her mid-sixties could not hide her excitement and reproachingly queried the reason God needed to do extra work in creating extraordinarily handsome male homosapiens in Oyo kingdom. “If not for my advanced age, I would have divorced my husband and married the Alaafin the very day I set my eyes on him, He was charming and extremely handsome”, she submitted. She wondered, if at such old age the Bashorun was so handsome, how could he have been at his youthful life?

The anniversary lady had been in the church to pay utmost obeisance to the Maker of the heavens and earth in the early part of the day while market men and women with other interested persons who knew her worth were eagerly looking forward to her arrival.

It was exactly 1.45p.m when this wonderful lady arrived. The entire arena was charged and electrified with idiosyncratic fanfare. True to her style, she did not ignore the less privileged. Immediately her vehicle screeched to a halt, rather than entering the hall, she went to the waiting hands of local drummers who had been looking forlornly at how their bread would be buttered all day. After about five minutes of body wriggling to the drummers’ songs, she felt satisfied that her presence in their midst had added lustre to the musicians’ ego and their preserved oddity had been transmuted to celebrities.

Chief (Mrs) Folashade Tinubu-Ojo is an enigma. She is cute, brilliant and organized. You have to be intelligent to understand her style.

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She is original and forthright in her dealings. She believes in ubuntu – be your brother’s keeper and make others happy.

I don’t assess persons based on what people say in their presence but what is said in absentia. An influential member of an opposition party who was privileged to meet with her once said that her enormous brilliance swept his legs off the carpet the very day he met with this rare gem.

Many who swarmed the anniversary venue in hordes did so out of love and admiration. The array of people in attendance showed the level of respect both the young and old have for the Iyaloja General.

What do we say to appreciate her efforts in bringing harmony and sensibility into our markets? I won’t do her justice by pampering her with praises but rather to thank God Who in His infinite wisdom gives us a precious gift in her.

I, on behalf of other market men and women across the country, invoke the Power above powers to continue to strengthen her.

More grease to your elbow our General.

Igba odun odun kan nio

Long live Iyaloja General

Long live Lagos State

Long live Nigeria

•Engr. Kayode wrote from Lagos. Tel: 08097025554. E-mail: [email protected]

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