Proshare Nigeria wins NBCC 2014 Rising Star Award winner


Proshare Nigeria Limited known for its outstanding role as a critical bridge between the market and its publics, has recently emerged winner of the Nigerian British Chamber of Commerce (NBCC) Guinness Nigeria 2014 Rising Star Award.

After being selected through a rigorous process and meeting the laid down criteria, Proshare was confirmed the winner of the Award on November 11 2014 and would be presented the award during the NBCC Annual Presidential Dinner and Awards Ceremony scheduled to hold on Friday, November 21, 2014

The NBCC aims to promote and encourage good practice on the Nigerian business landscape and to recognise and celebrate outstanding achievements across various sectors of Nigerian business acknowledges that Proshare truly deserves the award having scaled through the process.


Commenting on this award, Claudia Nwankwo, Corporate Relations Officer, Proshare expressed appreciation to the Proshare team, readers and subscribers who have made this a possibility through their support and encouragement.

In addition, she stated that Proshare is the sum total of an aspiration to educate, empower and enlighten the investment community/market through best-in-class tools, data, research and information that helps the average Nigerian (home & abroad) to make informed and intelligent investment decisions to aid the creation of wealth through the only other legitimate means possible in the country beyond one’s primary income – the capital market.

Amongst its milestones in the last three years, is the development of other portals apart from to deliver on this goal of which the notable ones are and Others include ‘TheNigerianInvestor’, ‘TheRegulator’, ‘Economy&Politics’, ‘Newsstands’ and ‘PersonalFinance’.

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