Igbo Group Warns Against Plot To Impeach Jonathan


Ayorinde Oluokun/Abuja

An Igbo cultural group, Ndigbo Cultural Society of Nigeria (NCSN) has warned members of the National Assembly spear heading impeachment threat against President Goodluck Jonathan to tread with deep caution and allow national interest override their selfish gains.

In a statement signed by Chief Udo Udeogaranya, its president, the group said those behind the impeachment threat must remember that President Jonathan comes from a block that waged war for three years with bare hands against an international conspiracy that backed the Federal Government forces and even at that, finally resorted to unspeakable measures to stop the war, and these measures are no longer applicable.

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“Every severe action must attract severe reaction and we call on members of the National Assembly to stop over-heating the polity for the sake of the masses that bear the brunt of any national crisis, be it a failed state, disintegration or war.

“Our economy is facing turbulent period as the price of oil is going down at the international market and therefore threats of instability in the political leadership of the country will worsen our economic fortunes, as no investor would invest in an unstable environment.

“We appeal to all leaders in the country to counsel their respective members of the National Assembly against actions capable of destabilising the nation as there are no winners in crisis,” the group warned.

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