Inflammatory utterances in recent times by a former militant leader in the Niger Delta, Asari Dokubo, should be condemned by President Goodluck Jonathan  and other well meaning Nigerians.  A few days ago during the burial ceremony of his grandmother, the ex-leader of the Niger Delta People’s Salvation Front, NDPSF, said President Jonathan will win the 14 February, 2015 Presidential election in “whatever way”. He rubbed in the insult on Nigerians by saying he owes nobody any apology for taking such a blind, self-serving stand on a sensitive national issue.

Not long ago, Dokubo, who is close to the President, threatened fire in the Niger Delta where Nigeria’s oil is located, should his kinsman, Jonathan, fail to win re-election. He vowed to exterminate the southwest region of Nigeria before going further to destroy the North.

In other statements, Dokubo took on the opposition and other ethnic groups threatening war and chaos should his kinsman fail to win the next election. These utterances seem to have the backing and blessing of the presidency as they have not been condemned by Aso Rock.  In fact, Jonathan’s aides, Reuben Abati and Doyin Okupe, retweeted Asari’s threat to destroy the southwest should Jonathan lose re-election. Ironically, Abati and Okupe are from the southwest.

If Dokubo is not enjoying the tacit support of the Presidency, why has he not been arrested by security agencies for making such inflammatory statements that border on treason? Or is he above the law of the land?

With the general elections fast approaching and tension rising in the country, it is our opinion that we must avoid utterances that can heat up the polity and throw Nigeria into chaos. A former militant now made a billionaire by the government in power should realise that Nigeria is bigger than any man or tribe.

President Jonathan may win or lose the next election but what matters is that the will of Nigerians should be respected no matter the outcome. Dokubo should shut up and allow politicians come up with ideas to move Nigeria forward. He does not have the power of life and death over other Nigerians. The fact that this former militant thrown up by his ignoble activities against his country is now being granted audience across the nation shows how deep we have sunk.