How To Read People (2)

Eka Modupe

Modupe Eka

By Modupe Eka

Last time we looked at clues to read people guide, with focus on the D, and I, personality styles. Today we shall continue by looking at the S and the I, personality types. The S personality is easy going and calm who likes to flow at an even, steady pace. Remember both S’s and I’s are people oriented. They have a build in radar detector to focus on needs, feelings, and desires of other people.

Even though S are reserved, they make good leaders, they lead as coach, rather than as a dictator, they feel like parent to employees S type have a desire to rescue everyone they meet. They are orderly and efficient. The following are guide to read an S personality type when you meet on.

Their verbal or vocal tones, they ask more than states, they listen more than talk, they reserve their opinions and their verbal communication is less. They are steady and even tempered they exhibit less forceful tone of expression and slower rate of speech.

Their conversation or speech patterns.  The S personality are natural listeners, they prefer to listen. They focus on the conversation, their tone is warm and very friendly; they are conversational. They talk a little softer and stops quickly if you interrupt, they are usually the last to speak but has the most important information to share.

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Their outward visual body language, unlike the I’s thy are not flamboyant but wears subdued colors, they favor conventional styles and prefers conventional vehicles. They exhibit gentle gestures and intermittent eye contact they are patience and have slower-moving body language and they come across as reassuring.

Clues at the office or work place. Their environment is personal and relaxed, usually friendly and informal atmosphere. Their organizational method is systematic and traditional, they always have items which illustrate relationships such as group photographs. They have family pictures and personal mementos displayed and personal items which recognize hands-on volunteer work. They like to support and help others.

With the above information we are better able to read people’s personalities at first contact this information puts us at an advantage because we are well able to see through the filter of the other person and connection becomes easier. Next time we shall continue for more information visit our site and take our test.  See you at the top.

•Modupe Eka is a consultant, trainer of the D.I.S.C model of human behaviour, a graduate of  English language, with teaching background, she is a Public speaker and by practice a counsellor and an expert in relationship and communication she runs seminars and workshop for cooperate and private institutions on topics as sexual health, parent/child  relationship and cooperate/ effective team building. She has organized and runs various youth empowerment programs.  Together with her team they have done extensive work with many Redeemed Christian Church of God parishes within the Lagos environs.

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