I’m Alive —Soyinka

•Soyinka… condemned APC’s romance with OBJ

Professor Wole Soyinka

Two days after the rumour of Professor Wole Soyinka’s death that went viral on the social media, P.M.NEWS finally tracked the man down this morning. In his characteristic witticism, he said no interview because “Dead Men Don’t Talk!”

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Upon further prompting, he simply invited P.M.NEWS to a conference: “I will emerge briefly from the crypt on Thursday, February 5 at Freedom Park for the Festival Conference on the VISION OF THE CHILD – the children’s item on the Festival. Try and be there yourself, as it will be more than the children’s competition. The theme of this year’s edition – in case you’re not already aware of it – is: ROAD TO SAMBISA. See you.”

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