2015 Polls: Group Urges Nigerians To Stand Against Rigging


A group known as Take A Stand has urged Nigerians to stand against rigging in the forthcoming elections by being vigilant and remaining at the polling units until after the votes cast have been counted.

At a press conference addressed by the group on Tuesday at GRA, Ikeja, Lagos, southwest Nigeria, its Coordinator, Adebola Odu-Onikosi reiterated that the noticeable voting apathy in the country is worrisome and should not be encouraged, calling on Nigerians not to take their voting powers for granted.

Adebola said if over 70% registered voters turn out on the day of election, it would be difficult to rig in the election, adding that a Nigerian of voting age who refused to take part in the election had no right to complain when things are not done the right way.

“Nigerians of all walks of life and social strata need to realise that every citizen matters, and can, and should have a say on who leads us as a country. Remaining silent and indifferent is as bad as the mismanagement and poor leadership which we are being forced to accept in the name of leadership at all levels of government. We are empowered and should take a stand now.

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“Nigerians are fond of complaining without taking actions. We should stop complaining and take a stand because our destiny is in our hands. If a government is not doing well, go get your PVC and vote the government out. We cannot continue to sit on the fence and expect things to change for the better,” he said.

A member of the group, Bolaji Sejobi said the main objective was to urge Nigerians to stop talking about potentials but start living in the present, saying living right and behaving right were ways to actualise the ultimate dream of a new and better Nigeria.

“As a non-partisan, non-governmental and non-religious initiative, we owe it a duty to contribute our quota to the development of our dear nation. Nigerian belongs to all of us and we should join hands in making it a great country.

“It is not our beliefs but our actions that make us better people.  Nigeria must keep moving but that means it is you and I that must keep moving. We must fight against not only corrupt leaders and mediocrity at all levels but against our own inertia which whispers to us that we are helpless. We must seize our destinies and act before it is too late. We must take a stand now,” he said.

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