God's Original Food: Love Your Body

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By Prince Arinze Onebunne

The bottom line is: Our man-made food is killing us! Many of those who follow Christ say with their lips that they bend the knee to Christ in the spiritual realm. But do they really, if they persist in polluting these magnificent bodies with what we know are harmful? Are we not guilty of wrongdoing and hypocrisy if we knowingly put dead, refined, man-made garbage into our body-the temple of God-which is not our own but was bought with a price? You see, the human body is a special part in the creation of man. The body carries a special divine glory. This glory is placed on the body by your creator God. That is why the Holy Spirit, carefully chose the body as His temple (1 Corinthians 6:19). Because of this, your body can determine how you will fare in life…whether sickness, beauty, happiness or shame. But this depends on what you do with, or put, into your body. The bodies we each possess are physical bodies and subject to the natural physical laws God established when He created them. Praying a spiritual prayer over toxic-laden food before eating them does not remove the harmful effects that toxic food or drink can have. God says: ‘’whatsoever a man soweth that shall he also reap.’’ Galatians 6:7.

When you engage in polluting your body with man-made food you know is harmful, you sin not just against God, but against your own body. How?…Because you destroy the glory of your body in the process. This is what it means to sin against your own body, by destroying her glory and health when you live on inferior foods.

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The great law of life is replenishment. If we do not eat, we die. Just as surely, if we do not eat the kind of food which will nourish the body constructively, we not only die prematurely but we suffer along the way.

According to Lestor Roloff ‘’As long as people continue to eat foods that have been prepared of impoverished, ghostly white flour, bleached and sulphured foods, doped and adulterated foods, plaster-like preparations called breakfast cereals; So long as they live on fake foods, material that has been dyed, doctored up so that it will look and feel fresh far past the time when it should have spoiled. So long as we live closer to the can opener than to living foods, closer to the baker than to the farmer, closer to the food manufacturer than to enzymatically alive foods and vital nutrients, closer to the butcher than to the garden, closer to the drug store than to living food store, closer to the surgeon than to common sense-That long will they continue to be half alive and sick. That long will undertakers be in demand early in life.’’

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The fact is, there is only one major disease and that is malnutrition. All ailments and afflictions to which we may become heirs are directly traceable to this major disease. There is not a drug in the world that will supply the blood stream with anything in a way in which the body can use it for permanent repair or regeneration. We must bear in mind that while it is true that man-made and processed foods sustain life, nevertheless that does not mean that they have the power to regenerate the atoms which furnish the life force to our body. On the contrary, progressive degeneration of the cells and tissues follows the continuous consumption of poor diet.

Friends, please consider carefully what you are feeding your family or allowing your children to eat. Before you buy the food for that next meal, ask yourself ‘’The food I am serving my family-will it contribute to their health or will it lay the seeds for illness?’’

However, enzymatically alive foods and vital nutrients-treatment does not lend itself to rapid drug-like control of symptoms, but patients get well to a degree not seen by tranquilizer therapist. Those who’ve seen the results are astonished.

At Living Foods Conservation & Utilization, we believe so much in enzymes, they help in the breakdown of foods in the body. They are very potent and help in health improvement. Enzymes particularly provide nourishment to over 100 trillion cells in the body, thereby providing energy for our system because a malnourished cell will eventually malfunction. That was what inspired my enzyme health therapy/weight management company. We use these enzymes to achieve weight loss and healing for clients. Many of our clients have countless testimonies of the success of these enzyme supplements. If you want vibrant health, come see us-together we can empower your self-healing body.

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