Natural Way To Lose Weight

Prince Arinze Onebunne

Prince Arinze Onebunne

By Prinze Arinze Onebunne

Trim six inches off your waistline in as little as 10 weeks. Enzymatically alive foods, vital nutrients and lifestyle succeed where diets fail. It works in many ways to help burn fat, reduce hunger, fight food cravings, etc.

You can slog away dieting, starving yourself and sacrificing in a bid to win your dream body. You can pay for an expensive gym membership, and then turn up slavishly every day to run endlessly on those tracks.

Prince Arinze Onebunne
Prince Arinze Onebunne

And all that happens is you end up sweating, exhausted, out of pocket and still overweight! Or you can take the smarter, easier option and put the hottest new fat-loss weapon to work for you, so that you lose all the weight you hate – beginning in as little as 30 short days or less.

Because what I’m proposing to you today is that you can lose 6 inches of your waistline. Wait! Did I say 6 inches? Well, that’s just an average figure. Some people lost even more, for example…Over the years, Mabel did everything to lose weight. She tried diet after diet. She eliminated fat from her diet. She spent hours out of her days exercising in a bid to shed the pounds. She even spent hundreds of naira on so-called weight loss pills.

Unfortunately, nothing worked. In fact, all this dieting, sweating, sacrificing and spending barely had any effect on her weight.

Sure, she occasionally lost a few pounds. But the moment she stopped all this dieting, sweating and sacrificing, the weight almost always boomeranged right back on with a few extra pounds for good measure!

Then there was Edith. She always prided herself on having a curvy figure 8 curve. But as time crept by, so did her weight – to the point where the only clothes she could fit into were a size 14! So, in a bid to win back her slender size 8-figure, Edith did the usual things in order to shed the pounds.

She restructured her diet and cut out fatty foods. She spent money on a gym membership and began exercising. She took weight loss pills designed to speed up her metabolism and help burn fat.

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But 6 months down the road, dieting, exercising and popping slimming pills had very little effect. Mabel and Edith are not alone. Despite their most herculean efforts, literally tens of thousands of people face a similar and constant daily battle with their waistlines. Thankfully, for Mabel and Edith, those daily frustrations are now a distant memory.

They managed to beat the battle of the bulge, slim down to their desired weight and stay that way permanently with enzymatically alive foods and energy nutrients. The public must be told how to alter their diet and lifestyle so that overweight is not created in the first place. With knowledge, people would then be able to intelligently choose between a system that promotes wellness and weight loss through proper diet and lifestyle versus a system that promotes overweight and sickness.

We must take control of our health! Indeed, we are in full control of the meals that we put in our mouth. The bottom line is that we can have a major impact on the future health of our mind and body. Our goal should be to instill healthy eating habits in ourselves so that we can have a healthy body.

Please arm yourself with the critical information about how to protect your health, both mind and body, by eating right food and do not underestimate the power of food.

Since we’re all concerned with the cost of medical care, I am amazed so little is known by the public about the effectiveness of God’s original diet, Genesis 1-29 approaches to health and longevity, the reversal of disease processes and the prevention of degenerative diseases. Add to the fact that consumption of living foods are relatively low-cost and are very effective and safe. And my wonder continues….

At Living Food Conservation and Utilization, we’re promoting plant-based lifestyle; thereby helping people to stay in good health.

We explore the efficacy of God’s original diet in preventing and reversing illnesses- by showing people how simple diet and lifestyle changes can, in most cases, help a person restore their health.

Our staff has experience that can help you begin a healthy eating lifestyle; so come by for a visit, bring your questions-and your shopping list. We’ll help you find the answers and make the best choices for your personal needs. If you want vibrant and slimmer body, come see us-together we can banish overweight. E-mail: [email protected] TEL: 08179629250,

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