Moving Is Man’s Best Medicine

Prince Arinze Onebunne

Prince Arinze Onebunne

By Prince Arinze Onebunne

Hippocrates-often used lifestyle modifications such as diet and exercise to treat diseases such as diabetes, what is today called lifestyle medicine.

No one would deny that exercise, or at least keeping moderately fit, is vital part of keeping your body healthy and sound. After all, anything that gets you physically working strengthens the body and improves blood flow. There is no doubt that part of the reason for the massive increase in sudden death and the number of overweight people is that we are becoming less active. And not only does less activity mean fewer calories burnt but it also interferes with the body’s appetite mechanisms, rate of metabolism and ability to keep blood glucose, triglycerides and cholesterol levels stable. In order words, some exercise is essential for the body’s chemistry to stay in tune and make circulation easy. It may even be as important as your diet.

According to F Batmanghelidj MD ‘’the most important factor for survival, after air, water, food, salt, is exercise. Exercise is more important to health of the individual than entertainment, or anything else that might be pleasurable. The following points explain the importance of exercise for better health and pain-free longer life.

Exercise expands the vascular system in the muscle tissue and prevents hypertension

Exercise builds up muscle mass and prevents the muscles being broken down as fuel

Exercise strengthens the bones of the body and helps prevent osteoporosis, etc.

According to my mentor and teacher Rev. George Malkmus, LIT.D. The key to a long and healthy life involves.

High Quality Nourishment

Rapid Removal of Toxins

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Copious Amount of Oxygen

Lots of Exercise

“Eating the wrong foods, which fail to provide the body with adequate nourishment, is where physical problems begin. Failure to remove toxins rapidly compounds the problem. Not taking into the body sufficient oxygen exacerbates the problem. And failing to exercise the body becomes the final nail in the coffin of ill health.’’

Even the holy bible stated in II Thessalonians 3:10 ‘’If any would not work, neither should he eat.’’ Genesis 3:19 ‘’ In the sweat of thy face shalt thou eat bread’’

We all know that regular exercise is important for overall health and wellness, but it can be difficult to fit that exercise routine into your busy schedule. Many people find their exercise motivation rooted in the desire to lose weight, but there are some deeper health benefits that can be achieved with consistent exercise. In fact, exercise is one of the foundational principles that need to be included in your habits if you are working to live a long and active life.

Exercising doesn’t mean that you need to be at the gym every day, because there are other ways that you can move your body and feel good. For example, housework is a form of exercise, especially if you are working vigorously and it increases your heart rate. Other types of exercise might include pushing your grandbabies in the stroller around the block, taking a nature hike with your spouse, or dancing in the kitchen while you are preparing dinner.

The most important aspect to planning your exercise routine is to set the right expectations for your goals. Start out slow, and gradually increase the intensity of the exercise and the length of time that you are exercising.

Exercise is the quickest and the best way to combat stress. Fitting exercise into your life can reduce your everyday life huddles and stress, and also boost your energy and mood. Exercise can reduce some of the emotional challenges you feel on a daily basis. It can clear your thoughts of negativity and enable you think clearly. Being active will make you feel good all day and take your mind off your daily worries. Any form of exercise can serve as a stress reliever, whether aerobics, yoga. No matter how little the effort you put into exercising, it will still serve as a relief for stress.

In addition to regular exercise, it is also important to incorporate healthy eating and good supplements into your daily routine. Here at Living Food Conservation, our goal is to help you improve your overall health, and our supplements and healthy eating advice help you boost your energy levels. However, enzymatically alive foods and vital nutrients-treatment does not lend itself to rapid drug-like control of symptoms, but patients get well to a degree not seen by tranquilizer therapist. Those who’ve seen the results are astonished.

At Living Foods Conservation, we believe so much in enzymes, they help in the breakdown of foods in the body. They are very potent and help in health improvement. Enzymes particularly provide nourishment to over 100 trillion cells in the body, thereby providing energy for our system because a malnourished cell will eventually malfunction. That was what inspired my enzyme health therapy/ weight management company. We use these enzymes to achieve weight loss and healing for clients. Many of our clients have countless testimonies of the success of these enzyme supplements. If you want vibrant health, come see us-together we can empower your self-healing body. E-mail: [email protected] TEL: 08179629250,

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