Coscharis flaunts MG cars in Nigeria

•Maduka, Coscharis President

•Maduka, Coscharis President

•Maduka, Coscharis President
•Maduka, Coscharis President

Daniels Ekugo

Coscharis Motors, the authorised dealer of Morris Garages (MG) in Nigeria, has said it is well positioned to make MG the preferred car for the younger generation and to take the dream further by making MG one of the most popular brands in the country.

A statement by Coscharis officials said: “MG is now 90 years since 1924, and no matter how the times change or how technologies move forward, MG 5, has remained the dream car of every younger generation.”

Mathew Aje, Brand Manager, MG, says “Coscharis Motors offers to customers unmistakably British standard vehicle (MG) with a unique combination of style and sportiness that ensure drivers and passengers alike look forward to each and every journey just as much as they do to reaching their destination. And it’s our responsibility to find innovative ways of satisfying our teeming customers through quality services.”

According to him, the MG 5 is pioneered and powered by SAIC Motors but designed and engineered in the state-of-the-art European Design and Technical Centre, and assembled in the factory, both located at the MG site in Longbridge, Birmingham.

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“The MG brand not only continues the glamour of its classic tradition but has become a most widespread brand with the highest loyalty in the world.

“The MG 5 is equipped with a 1.5 litre fuel efficient, low emission engine, as well as a 5-speed manual and 4-speed automatic transmissions. A powerful engine is definitely the best means for a soul to free itself from conventional rules. 1.5 Hyper-boost engine and smart adaptive 6 speed AT-this power combination raises MG’s power performance to the level of 2.0 litre car across all ordinary vehicle classes.”

He added that “MG provides greater pleasure and freedom for your driving pleasure. A powerful bi-thermostat independent dual-positioned multi-layered cooling system helps to achieve the ideal balance between temperature of the engine block and cylinder head, so that your head remains cool and efficient during intense driving. The vehicle is also equipped with a Dual Mass Flywheel, state-of-the-art features for high-end maintenance that can greatly improve general performance in shock absorption and noise reduction. This will bring an unprecedented level of comfort to your driving experience.

“The new MG 5 is ideal for retail customers, as well as fleet customers. Trendy car lovers could also take advantage of the packages that come with the purchase of MG cars from Coscharis Motors, and enjoy adequate after-sales back-up, genuine spare parts, finance and leasing.”

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