This is my last term as UEFA chief - Platini

Michel Platini

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Michel Platini, UEFA President
Michel Platini, UEFA President

Michel Platini confirmed he was in his final term as UEFA president on Friday, whether he wins next year’s FIFA election or not.

The Frenchman declined to talk about his bid for the FIFA presidency in his first news conference since announcing one month ago that he would stand as a candidate to replace Sepp Blatter.

“Yes, I’m stopping there,” said Platini when asked if his current term, his third as UEFA president, would be his last.

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“This isn’t the place or the time to talk about FIFA,” he added. “The FIFA elections will be taking place in six months’ time and I’m sure we will have time to talk about that in due course.”

The election for FIFA president will be held on February 26.

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