Stella Damasus, Ademinokan launch ‘Mon Afrik TV’

Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus

Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus

Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus
Daniel Ademinokan and Stella Damasus

Multi-talented entertainer, Stella Damasus, has partnered with award-winning movie producer/director to launch the test transmission phase for their online television station, ‘Mon Afrik TV.’

Mon Afrik TV has been described as a blend of BET, MTV, E-ONLINE, NBC and CW Network all rolled into one but with 100% African content. “That is what we have created and we want Africans all over the world to see this as their own medium of expression, not just another TV station,” Stella hinted.

Also speaking on the new initiative, which is free to subscribers, Ademinokan explained that Mon Afrik TV is set to fill a big vacuum and also serve as respite for less content providers who can’t afford the fee of other television stations.

“We see no reason why a struggling producer who can barely afford to raise the capital to make his/her TV show should also look for money to pay the TV stations for airtime before the world can see his/her content. After that, they have to convince brands to place adverts on the show before he/she can start making any money. That is extremely discouraging for independent producers.

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“MON AFRIK TV is creating a platform where producers can showcase their works to the world and make good money for themselves without having to deal with the run-around from TV stations. This is not a Video-on-Demand platform for movies and is not trying to pry into an already saturated market,” Ademinokan gushed.

He added that “MON AFRIK TV is here to deliver world-class, premium entertainment content from and about Africa to the world. Africa has often been represented as a dark, isolated continent. Yes, Africa has issues, just like every other continent but there is more to us than starving children, gun wielding terrorists, arid lands and dilapidated buildings in remote villages. We have beautiful cultures, a vibrant entertainment industry and entertainers who have conquered the world on many levels and we want to showcase that to the world.”

MON AFRIK TV will be officially launched in January 2016, but the test transmission phase is currently running on

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