Couple begs court to dissolve boring marriage


Cyriacus Izuekwe


There was drama at Ejigbo Customary court on Wednesday when a husband and his wife pleaded with the court to dissolve their five-year-old marriage because they were tired of the marriage.

The parties to the suit agreed that the marriage was boring and characterised by crises and that they do not have feelings for each other anymore.
The couple stated this during the hearing of the divorce suit instituted by the husband, Godwin Nwosu, 32, against his wife, Adaeze, 31, in Ejigbo Lagos State, western Nigeria.

Nwosu who resides at 20, Oluwale street, Ejigbo with his wife, Adaeze, filed the suit on the ground of lack of care, irreconcilable differences, incompatibility, lack of love and asked the court to dissolve the marriage.

Adaeze in responses, told the court that Nwosu was right on the claims for seeking divorce and pleaded with the court to immediately dissolve the marriage.

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The couple from Imo State who said the marriage did not produce any child confessed before the court that they had tried to patch the marriage over the years but it did not work.

They agreed before the court that they do not love each other despite the years they had lived together, adding that it was better they went their separate ways and moved on with their lives.

They objected to further conselling and revealed that their friends, relatives had tried in the past to reconcile them but failed woefully and since they are adults, they knew what they wanted, which is separation.

Adaeze further informed the court that she was the person who suggested to Nwosu go to court to dissolve the marriage because they were practically strange bedfellows.

The president of the court, Mrs Banjoko Salewa, urged the parties to continue to maintain peace and adjourned the matter till 27 January for conselling and further hearing.