ObtainAid to lend support to the needs of Africans



ObtainAid, a crowdfunding platform that will cater for the needs of Africans across the continent is set to be launched.

To fund the crowdfunding platform, a campaign has been launched on Indiegogo, the largest global site for fundraisers, to raise needed funds to finish up with the development of ObtainAid.

“ObtainAid is the first crowdfunding platform to focus specifically on personal-needs in Africa thus initiating a better way in which the world can lend support to the needs of Africans. The Indiegogo campaign (http://igg.me/at/ObtainAid) is set out to raise $87,860 to setup a fully functional platform to cater for the personal needs of Africans,” a statement Wen Palmers read.

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According to the organisation, “predominant problem faced by many in African countries is that they do not have established crowd funded charities compared to their industrialized counterparts like the United States of America where they have the likes of indiegogo and gofundme amongst others”.

“When the masses give to charities such as UNICEF, they do not have the power to directly pick what relief they would like to partake or how much of their money they would allocate to that particular relief effort. Majority of African countries still have more than half of her population wallowing in poverty. Just as it is widely known, most of these African countries are ridden with corruption at every level; the charity officials fill their pockets and the needy get the leftovers if any,” the statement read.

Ife John, founder ObtainAid said his motive for creating a crowdfunding platform is to help reach many Africans. “I’ve seen people with bright future snuffed out due to situations that could have been managed but for lack of fund and this is awful.”

“But with Obtainaid, you actually get to ask the world to help with your need,” he said.