16-year-old marriage dissolved over prostitution & distrust


Broken marriage

A Mapo Customary Court in Ibadan on Wednesday dissolved a 16-year-old marriage between Muideen Ogundepo and his wife, Ruth, over prostitution, distrust and disobedience.

The President of the court, Mr Ademola Odunade, held that the court had no option than to let Ogundepo and Ruth go their separate ways since it was obvious love was no longer in their union.

He said that the duo was given enough time to settle the matter amicably, but nothing positive came out of it.

Odunade, however, awarded the custody of the four children to Ruth, and ordered Ogundepo to pay N10,000 monthly allowance for the feeding and upkeep of the children.

The court also ordered Ogundepo to take up the responsibility of the children’s education and other welfare.

Earlier in his petition, Ogundepo explained that his wife messed up their marriage when she turned into a prostitute and became distrustful and disobedient.

“Since I got married to Ruth 16 years ago, I have had to cope with her many tricks on me to leave home to enjoy her prostitution with her concubines.

“When I noticed that she was mingling with women that were having negative influences on her, I warned her to desist from further association with them.

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“Ruth, however, ignored my advice, saying that I had no right to instruct her.

“I have over the time reported her to her parents and other relatives without any fruitful outcome.

“As a matter of fact, Ruth packed out of my home since three weeks ago with my children in her custody.

“My lord, there is no more love in our union, please separate us,” he pleaded.

Ruth, who did not deny the allegations, gladly accepted the divorce prayer.

“My lord, what I want this court to know is that Ogundepo himself is not trustworthy.

“Just few years into our marriage, Ogundepo abandoned me by marrying another wife. Without taking proper care of me, he keeps monitoring my movement all around the town.

“I want the union to be dissolved because there is no more love,” Ruth said.