Children's Education Channel, Discovery Family debuts on GOtv

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GOtv has introduced Discovery Family, a channel which inspires learning and sparks curiosity in young minds.

This is in commemoration of Children’s Day and the Day of the African Child, which comes up on 16 June. Also, GOtv has set aside the month of June to promote its kiddies content.

GOtv’s programming is available in seven genres: children, documentary, news and current affairs, music, general entertainment, sport and religion. For children, GOtv offers Disney Junior, JimJam and Nickelodeon. Its documentary channels – Channel ED, Discovery Family and Nat Geo Wild – also target children with educative content.

The ever engaging, enriching and entertaining Discovery Family is the latest channel documentary channel to launch on GOtv.

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Discovery Family, which launched on GOtv channel 50 in March, offers the best in fun and educational programming for the whole family. From awesome space adventures and crazy experiments of popular science to fascinating tales of animals in the wild, Discovery Family, inspires conversation and sparks curiosity in young minds.

Discovery Family’s Kids vs Film gives children the chance to research, write, direct, edit and possibly star in their own educational documentary. Other educative programmes on DiscoveryFamily are Wildest Africa, Ultimate Survival and Strangest Weather on Earth.

On Sunday 26 June at 8:00pm local time, GOtv subscribers can tune to Discovery Family to watch the premiere of Telescope, a one-off documentary that explores the history of the telescope from Galileo to Newton to Hubble and the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST), currently under construction.

Efe Obiomah, Public Relations Manager, GOtv, said: “Our children’s channels enable our younger viewers laugh and learn. Furthermore, because we live in a fast-paced and technologically advanced world, we also encourage GOkids to tune to our documentary channels to arouse their interest in science.”

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