Woman sleeps with son for money ritual

Yvonne Banda

Yvonne Banda

Yvonne Banda
Yvonne Banda

52-year-old Yvonne Banda from Ndola, Zambia, has revealed how her son has been sleeping with her every Wednesday for ritual purpose.

Banda said she started offering her nakedness to her son, Abel since 2002 in accordance with the prescription of the witch doctor he got his riches from.

Banda while confessing this bizarre story said that she is the main pillar of her son’s success.

Since he started his transportation business and has been sleeping with her, the business has grown tremendously and he now owns a fleet of trucks, buses and other small cars.

The crime for this success is to sleep with his Mother every Wednesday and they do it at her house where the charm was buried.

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She, however, went further to say she has been very worried about her son because she feels like she is growing weaker each day and she fears she might not keep up for the next coming year.

The price is that, once she stops sleeping with him, all their hard earned wealth will vanish into thin air and the son will die a very painful death.

All these and more were what Mrs. Yvonne Banda confessed at a church, Great Kingdom church, after which the pastor prayed for her.

Unfortunately, she could not bear to see her son suffer and die and she has since gone back to being the keeper of his riches by sleeping with him every week.