Indivisible Nigeria


Map of Nigeria

Map of Nigeria
Map of Nigeria
Nigeria cannot be divided into separate parts. God is interested in Nigeria. This nation is God’s own chosen Nation. God loves the country Nigeria; therefore there is nothing the enemies can do to decompose this great united nation. God has so blessed this nation Nigeria. Our mineral and natural resources are not yet tapped. Many are yet to be discovered when its Gods’ time.

Whatever happened or still happening in this country today is divine, if not, Nigeria would have separated long ago. The civil war and many other civil unrest, caused by group of people in this country would have tore us apart. Please permit me to be a little bit spiritual here.

This nation and its inhabitants are going through a process of greatness. God is preparing them for His own use. For I believe that in every last lap of every generation, God will always raise a nation He will use to show forth Himself and His power, most especially to existing great nations. Nigeria is that nation God will use to manifest Himself in this last lap of the world.

Sometimes, nothing becomes good until it is badly spoken of. When I was growing up, my mother even my grandmother use to warn us never to buy any made in Japan goods, whenever they sent us on errand, because they believe Japan made goods are inferior then. Today made in Japan goods are one of the best in the world market. That fake and inferior made in Japan simply announced Japan to the whole world. What can you say about Taiwan? So I want to believe that whatever Nigerians are passing through now, whether good or bad is announcing us to the whole world, in readiness for greatness. God will cleans us and use us. Wait and see.

Today this nation is being spoken and known for corruption all over the world. Yes we are indeed corrupted, but its coming to an end. Bad news announces a nation faster than good news. Corruptions have announced us to the world that they rated us among the most corrupted country in the world. Nineveh as in the Bible, was the famed capital of the ancient Assyrian empire, it was called “The Robber City” because it over ran and robbed other countries to enrich itself. Like Nigeria, it had a colourful, yet tragic history. It was robbery that made the great city of Nineveh famous. God sent His prophet Jonah to the city and changed it. That same God is sending His prophets, honest men and woman, even as politicians to this great nation Nigeria to reform us, but we must repent and throw away corruption for this reformation that is coming our way.

Sorry I don’t see Nigeria and Nigerians the way you see them. All I know is that she is on a transition, a process of CHANGE. Wait and see this great nation in few years to come. You bad ones, leave Nigeria alone. If Nigeria is sick, God will heal us. Many of you out there are pointing and talking about the problems in our country, no one talks about how to solve them, you critics!

May I inform us that Nigeria is not a dumping ground, she is highly favoured. Whosoever stole our money will return them for Gods’ use in my generation. Therefore if you have stolen anything from this nation, you will start loosing them, because all you have stolen from this nation will rise up against you soon. Whether you have served or still serving this nation pretentiously. Your days are numbered. God will sweep away every bad egg in this country. Nigeria is a good country, she is rich, she will soon rule the whole world. God is working out something for Nigeria.

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Tribe against tribe will usher in unity in diversity in this country. How do I know? Because Nigerians have a forgiving Spirit. They easily forgive and forget, they believe in moving forward. Are you wiser than God who brought them together? The purpose of God for bringing them together most be fulfilled. And they must stay together. Boko haram, and other insurgents, even bad politicians cannot separate this great nation. We are bound together and corruption even at its peak will not tear us apart. We will not kill one another anymore. I saw the last war; I don’t want to see another.

Before Isreal and Judan went to exile in 721 BC and 586 BC respectively, captured by Assyrians and Babylonians, there was rampant corruption in the societies. Class oppression and arrogant misuse of power became the order of the day. Agriculture as it is in Nigeria was neglected and urban life with its associated moral decadence took over from rural sanity. The people fell to the influence of foreign cultures, perpetuating intense syncretism and cultural pollution. The exile was the wilderness that returned the Israelites back to God. Therefore whatever Nigeria is passing through now, be it in religion, politics, commercial, social, governance or financial breakdown is our wilderness to stability. Like the Jews, Nigerians are very intelligent and hard working.

There is no doubt Nigerians did offended God in time past, even now, therefore God has afflicted us with hunger and lack, even in the mist of plenty. But He will bind up our wounds. Let us return to God fellow Nigerians.

The destiny of the whole African is in Nigerians’ hand. Africa is waiting for Nigeria to arise. One African great leader once said “when Nigerian snizes, we all catch cool”. So we must not snize so that other African countries will not catch cool. Nigerians are wonderful people, brilliant, highly gifted, very talented. We will rule the world very soon if we still stay together. We are going to the top but only if we stay together. God will save this country from all the mess you and I have rubbed against our beloved nation. God is preparing us for a greater tomorrow, get ready!

The most honest people in the world are found in Nigeria, they are here in this country. God is wiping away the bad eggs. They will expose themselves by themselves. Things will soon be well, we are only paying the prize of insulting God.

Nigeria, I must conclude by saying is a place where forgiveness reigns. Too many things happened in the past, painful occurrences that we have forgotten. We always throw behind us things that indeed came to pass to move forward. Lets move forward, the coming election will not tear us apart. I love Nigeria, what about you. God bless Nigeria, God bless Africa.

Dr. Paul. I. Udensi 08023113064 [email protected]

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