Second hand clothes dealers make profit in Jos

second hand clothes

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second hand clothes

Dealers in warm second hand clothes are now making brisk business in Jos as the harmattan weather continues to bite harder.

People are rushing to purchase second hand clothes that will keep them warm to overcome the scourge of the cold weather.

Second hand clothes such as blankets, caps and head warmers are now in high demand. Dealers in secondhand clothes are recording huge profits from the influx of buyers in the various markets in Jos, they have also reviewed the prices of their clothes upward.

Survey conducted by NAN at the various markets shows that parents and guardians are coming out in large number to buy warm clothing for themselves, children and wards.

The markets in Terminus, Mingo Junction, Katako and Kabong, well known for various grades of second hand clothing and shoes are recording a large number of patronages.

Mr Godswill Nnaji, who deals in second hand children’s cardigans, panty hose, head warmers and trousers in Kabong market said the surge for the items commenced on the eve of Christmas .

“The high demand for the items has made the business lucrative since Dec. 24.
“In fact, customers are pleading with me to call them whenever I want to open new bales of clothes to pick the very best,’’ he said.

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Mrs Amos Madu, who deals in second hand winter jackets, hand gloves and head warmers at the Mingo Junction, said he started enjoying high patronage from customers in the first week of December.

“But with the upsurge of the Harmattan weather, the patronage I enjoy has doubled.
“I have enjoyed a high patronage with the onset of the Harmattan, business has been very good, in fact I open two bales of clothing daily,’’ he said.

Mr Shehu Bello, who deals in second hand ladies panty hose, Turtlenecks, cardigans, trousers and blankets, told NAN that his business had picked up because the demand for the items was high.

Mr James Destiny, one of the customers at Kabong Market, said that the weather had made it imperative for him to get the warm clothes. He said that the prevailing weather could only be likened to that of the Western world.

“This weather is very cold, so I don’t want to jeopardise my health and that of my family, that’s why I am here to get these clothes.

Similarly, Mrs Peace Bature, a mother and a civil servant, said that she was in the market to purchase warm clothes for her kids as her kids needed to be well covered.