Indian Film

Sri Lanka Tourism says plans are ongoing to promote the island country among top Indian film producers in order to become the next film location for Indian movies.

“As a compact destination with various natural and large diversities, Sri Lanka can be shown as a destination which can be an ideal location for the perfect film shoot,’’ a statement said on Monday.

Sri Lanka, with natural wonders and captivating landscapes, was able to positively promote itself at the “India International Film Tourism Conclave – 2017″ (IIFTC) held in Mumbai recently.

Sri Lanka Tourism was able to showcase the island nation’s cultural and natural splendour by participating in the event, with over 18 other destinations, inclined to show their own identity to the Cinematic industry.

“The purpose of participating in the event was to showcase Sri Lanka as a popular film destination, equipped with all the natural resources that one needs.

“By presenting such an attractive display of the island nation, Sri Lanka Tourism was able to convince the Indian film producers to think of choosing Sri Lanka as the next film location for their creative works of art,’’ it added.