Teacher Blinds JSS Student With Cane




A teenager, Raliya Suleiman, a Junior Secondary School (JSS) student of Government Secondary School, Kachai, has lost sight in her right eye after a teacher hit the eye with his cane.

Raliya was allegedly flogged by a teacher in the school, one Moses Aura, because she came to school late on 23th February, 2017. The cane hit her right eye and has resulted to permanent eye damage.

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The Tafidan Kachai and Raliya’s uncle, Sani Abubakar, who confirmed the incident, said, “Raliya was late for school that faithful day, 23rd February, 2017 and the teacher, Moses Aura asked her and many others to kneel down and wait for him Daily Trust reports.

When he came back, he started beating her and the cane hit her right eye. She was rushed to the National Eye Center, Kaduna, unfortunately, they said the water in the eye had drained out and there was nothing they could do to salvage the eye.”

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