NIPOST to launch GPS enabled app for nationwide mail delivery

Bisi Adegbuyi

Bisi Adegbuyi

Bisi Adegbuyi

Nigerian Postal Service, NIPOST is on the high speed to launching the latest digital mode VS2015  that will enable its customers trace and track with ease their mail and parcels anywhere in the world.

The organisation will also be launching MEHI- Mail for Every House Initiative. This is a GPS enabled Application system and programme that will allow NIPOST postmen deliver mail, (letters and parcels) to every home in Nigeria.

MEHI will be powered by the world number one addressing technology service provider, What3words based in London.

This development was disclosed by Nigeria’s Postmaster General, Barrister Bisi Adegbuyi while speaking on BEN TV good morning show, BBS.

Adegbuyi who is the first Postmaster General from the private sector stated that NIPOST is a cash cow that has been neglected by successive governments in Nigeria and allowed to decay due to the overbearing financial attention on Nigeria’s oil.

The Postmaster General noted that NIPOST is currently undergoing system restructuring programme that will enable the organisation diversify profitably into financial services, e-commerce and logistics, insurance, shipping and property.

Adegbuyi stated that he is committed to a new NIPOST agenda which are designed to transform, innovate, integrate and move the organisation to the process of inclusion as it is done in advanced economies of the world.

He noted that NIPOST Act 2004 empowers the Postmaster General to diversify the services of the organisation to other sectors which are commercially viable, innovative and able to drive in revenue for the organisation and the country.

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The Postmaster General, however, noted that one of the several challenges facing the organisation is the failure of Nigeria’s legislature to pass the Nigeria Postal Service Bill which has been at the National Assembly for 8 years.

Adegbuyi stated that a fully functional and diversified NIPOST has the potential to take Nigeria out of recession by way of the amount of huge revenue the organisation has the capacity to generate.

He observed that NIPOST facilities scattered all around the nooks and crannies of Nigeria will effectively soon become financial and banking facilities which will be delivered in collaboration with major banks in Nigeria.

He said NIPOST financial and banking services will take banking services to rural areas of the country where millions of Nigerians remained unbanked.

He commended the initiatives and programmes under the Minister of Communications, Hon Ade Shitu to positioned the whole industry for better delivery of services to millions across the country.

He assured that before the expiration of his 4 year term, Nigerians will start receiving their mail in coded mail boxes which will be installed in every house in Nigeria.

The Postmaster general said the coded mail boxes will connect with the GPS enabled App of a postman to deliver mail responsibly and accurately to every home in Nigeria.