Meningitis not caused by witches, doctor tells rural dwellers

Meningitis vaccination

Nigeria Joins Global Community in Commitment to Defeat Meningitis by 2030


Meningitis vaccination

Dr. Salihu Mohammed, a medical practitioner with the General Hospital, Minna has cautioned rural dwellers against attributing the rampaging Cerebrospinal Meningitis (CSM) to witchcraft.

“The disease is a normal medical situation whose causes are well known. No 0ne should link it with any superstitious belief or witchcraft,” Mohammed disclosed on Saturday in Minna.

He said that the disease could by checked by immunisation, and urged parents to allow their children to be immunised against the six killers diseases.

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“`Parents must insist and ensure that all children are vaccinated against measles, whooping cough, yellow fever and diphtheria,” he said

The physician advised people to avoid overcrowded areas and ensure that their abodes were well ventilated.

He also advised people to promptly report suspected CSM cases to medical centres to as to save the victim and curb its spread.