China Destroys 17.3m Illegal Publications

China’s President, Xi Jinping

China's President, Xi Jinping

China’s President, Xi Jinping

Authorities across China destroyed 17.3 million illegal publications on Monday, ahead of World Intellectual Property Day, which falls on Wednesday.

According to an official of the National Office Against Pornographic and Illegal Publications, in 2016, the office and its nationwide sub offices confiscated more than 16 million items of pirated or illegal publications, and handled more than 6,000 cases, of which 600 involved criminal activity.

In the first quarter of this year, they confiscated over 3.7 million publications and dealt with 1,515 cases.

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A nationwide campaign this week will encourage the public to read and use the Internet legally and properly.

The campaign includes book recommendations, lectures and essay solicitation.

The official said that collective efforts by the government, society and every individual could create an environment where knowledge is respected and illegal activities are rejected.

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