Group gives free food, clothes to less privilege

free food

Free food and cloths being distributed

Free food and cloths being distributed

A group, Voice of Divine Truth International Outreach, aka Voice of Change Network, the convener of Project-Help-a-Child Global Campaign has distributed free food and clothing items to the less privilege in Ikeja, Lagos.

The free food and cloth bank, which is a pet project of the
organization, is aimed at creating social advocacy on the need for individuals to show love and care for one another especially the needy.

Speaking at the event which held at Saint Leo Catholic Church,
Ikeja, the International Coordinator of the group, Mr. Azemobor Gregory said: “This initiative was birthed out of the need for us to show love and care towards the needy amongst us. We receive donations of clothing and food items from generous individuals and public-spirited corporate
organizations. Items received are then distributed free to the less privilege in the society- indigent kids, destitute, widows, beggars, the disabled, street children, the elderly etc.

The lucky beneficiaries

”The major goal of this exercise is to spearhead a social advocacy that will inspire individuals and the society to develop a culture of love and care for one another, especially the poor amongst us.

Speaking further, Azemobor admonished individuals to cultivate
charitable lifestyle as the key to a life of fulfillment. “Let me use this opportunity to encourage each and every one of us to develop a lifestyle of giving as this is the essence of our lives. Somebody says you make a living by what you get while you make a life by what you give. This fundamental principle of life ought to guide our daily relationship with one another. We should play down on materialism and primitive accumulation. Let us endeavor to serve others as this is the
core purpose of our existence.”

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“The bigger vision of this project is to build a Charity Warehouse to receive food and cloth donations from generous individuals and corporate organizations. Such items donated will be distributed free to the poor.

Our target is to feed 20,000 hungry people on daily basis. People can also walk into the Charity Warehouse and receive free clothing on daily basis.”

Beneficiaries receiving free items

“Let me specially appeal to corporate organization to support this project, especially those manufacturing food items. This is a sponsorship that impacts directly on the welfare of the poor. Let us do this together. Individuals are also urged to support the project by donating food and clothing items,” Azemobor added

Over 500 indigent persons, who were excited to receive free food and clothing items participated in the event.

Notable humanitarian organizations like The Open Heart Samaritan Mission (aka The Good Samaritans), Wealth Academy Global Initiative were also on ground to support the project.

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