Photos: Live Updates May 24 2017 #LagosToday #PMNEWSLive

Keep it moving Oshodi Yellow bus

2:13 PM: Happy Trader at Oshodi Market

2:13 PM: [Oshodi] Need help?

2:04 PM: [Oshodi] Need to fix your shoes?

2:04 PM: Need cold drinks anywhere in Oshodi? Call her.

2:00 PM: The Sun can’t stop Traders at Oshodi Market

Lagos welcomes a 4-time world heavyweight champion, Evander Holyfield.

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11:10 AM: I just gt off the pedestrian bridge. Yes, at Oshodi.

11:00 AM: Surprised? This is Oshodi!

10:55 AM: Children buying snacks for school @ Oshodi, Lagos.

10:50 AM: Traders with goods boarding a yellow bus at Oshodi

10:49 AM: ‘I beg shift for him!’ Conductor yells at Oshodi Bus Stop.

10:49 AM: I’ll take my sister to school, thank you! [Kids going to school at Oshodi]

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