Photos: Live Updates May 25 2017 #LagosToday #PMNEWSLive

okada at meiran f

Okada rider

4:31 PM: Fish trader at kola market

3:55 PM: Hot Akara @ Kola Market

3:54 PM: Buy fresh fruit salad @ Caso.

3:26 PM: What’s new in the news? Free readers association meeting in session at Caso, Iyana Meiran

3:22 PM: Who cares what the sign says…

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12:57 PM: Hot snack for the cold. [Still at Meiran]

12:54 AM: Guess what I’m listening to…

12:31 PM Fresh Kolanut for sale at Meiran

12:20 PM: Fish trader out to sell despite the cold at Meiran

12:13 PM: The bike man and his passenger at Meiran, Lagos.

12:00 PM: After the rain comes the Cucumber. Trader sets up for the at Meiran

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