I didn't issue a statement on Lagos APC Primaries - Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe

Joe Igbokwe

The Lagos State Publicity Secretary of the All Progressives Congress (APC), Joe Igbokwe has urged the media and the general public to disregard the statement purportedly issued by him concerning the Lagos APC primaries as the statement was a forgery and the figment of the imaginations of cowardly interests that want to sow mischief and crisis in the party.

He said he never issued such statement and never got involved in any measure to undermine the integrity of the state party primaries as the statement alleged.

In a release in Lagos, the Lagos APC Publicity Secretary said that being a loyal party man, he would never have approved of the false statement that councillorship and Chairmanship candidates submitted by the party could still be changed as the false statement tried to create.

He said he would never subscribe to such illicit actions as it ran contrary to the tenets of free and fair electoral process to which he was fully committed to and warned those who issued the tendentious statement that they would fail in their nefarious attempts to cause confusion and crisis in the party.

“I read with utmost consternation, the statement allegedly issued by me warning candidates for the forthcoming councillorship and chairmanship election in Lagos and whose names have gone to LASIEC that they may be changed anytime. I wonder on what premise I could have issued such horrific statement given that I am a well known party man that abides by the party’s rules and regulations. Even as the cowards that hacked that issued that statement did not mention me in their statement, by issuing same in the name of State Publicity Secretary, they inferred that I issued such press statement which is false, deceitful, dangerous and reckless.

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“I wonder why anybody that has any issue with the party’s primaries cannot muster enough courage to state same rather than hide under cowardly masks to issue false statement and crediting same to me. That proves that they are hideous characters who can adopt any foul means to achieve their evil intent. I denounce such tactics as it does not show courageous and faithful party men.

“I believe that like in any contest, primaries are bound to throw up diverse reactions but I also believe the party has enough in-built mechanisms to tackle these challenges. Why some people will be hiding behind others to manufacture and trade bare lies to achieve their detestable purposes still confounds me.

“I therefore urge media, the general public, our loyal party men and supporters to disregard the false statement as i never emanated from me. I charge our party men and supporters to remain faithful with the party leadership as it strives to deepen our electoral success in Lagos and it tries to ensure that all shades of opinion within our party are given accommodation.

“I urge all Lagosians to continue to give the APC the solid support that has made it the impregnable fortress it has become, especially as it continues to bring unprecedented progress to Lagos. I urge total support to all our councillorship and chairmanship candidates in the forthcoming election as that remains the surest way to further the landmark progress Lagos has been recording under the APC,” he stated.