Anambra Election: "We are already victorious"

Osita Chidoka

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Location of Anambra in Nigeria.
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Governorship candidate of United Progressives Party (UPP) in Anambra, Chief Osita Chidoka, says he is confident of winning the Nov. 18 governorship election because of the strong messages in his campaigns.

Chidoka in a statement in Awka on Thursday thanked his teeming canvassers and supporters for taking his message to the grassroots.

According to him, the UPP used over 45,000 grassroots canvassers and another 4,000 hi-tech personnel to reach out to all eligible voters in the state.

“Through the campaign, we have been encouraged by our people, the generality of ndi Anambra spoke with one voice in support of the UPP and we do not take that for granted.

“To their credit, we have run a robust campaign; we have the highest demography of supporters and volunteers across the nooks and crannies of Anambra state.’’

He added: “We have campaigned vigorously; we have worked hard, we have shown that we can run a campaign without looting a state treasury.

“We have shown that you can campaign without the police and the Army supporting you, we have shown that we can run a successful campaign without a godfather.

“We stand firm in our declaration that only God the Father will determine the result of this election.’’

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Chidoka urged those campaigning against the election to change their tactics and use their votes to bring about the change they desire.

He added that “the best way to agitate in a democracy is through a political process and a political party.’’

The governorship candidate reiterated UPP’s commitment to peaceful election on Nov. 18, and warned that the party would resist attempts to rig the outcome.

“UPP will remain peaceful; we will not be agitated, we will refuse to be dragged into violence because we know who we are and where we are going.

“We will not have thugs in our polling units; we will not bribe any agency of government. We will believe in God and we will trust in our people.

“As we go to the poll on Saturday, we want to sound it loud and clear that any attempt by anybody whatsoever to subvert the will of ndi Anambra will be met with stiff resistance.

“Nobody can intimidate us; we will make sure that our voters vote, that the votes are protected, that the votes count and that the result reflects only the will of Anambra people.

“God being by our side, we are already victorious,” he said.