Court Grants Tyrese Gibson Joint Custody Of His Daughter

Tyrese Gibson

Tyrese Gibson

American actor and songwriter Tyrese Gibson who was battling custody of their daughter with his ex- wife has now been granted joint custody by a court.

Tyrese wrote on Instagram:

“While waiting on the judgement I was broken and on edge and I overheard Norma and her lawyer in the courts room casually discussing getting their nails done?? They’ve been in court and have had no time for Nails?? Really?? That casual..?? Me without Shayla for 80+ days and it’s about your nails????? Michael Moore, Netflix, Tim Cook of Apple – I got over 400 hours of logged and captured footage this will be bigger than Avatar cause “Fathers” and the lack of support in the courts is a universal issue – go to My I just posted a clip you must see now –
TMZ most will never put up a post to say thank you but I will. you have given a well balanced and true sequence of what has taken place every step of the way….. Today is the first day of my life……. 100% exonerated of claims and accusations that has followed me for the last 10 years……… go to and download the phone app called ClearVue in the App Store go to my no pride no ego today is the start of me turning me and my families life around – thank you Jesus for delivering on what you promised to stand on truth don’t bend and don’t accept what they offered…. Norma ask yourself since you hate SO much why are you still holding onto my last name???? You’re not a Gibson your name is Norma Mitchell. There are only 3 real Gibson’s from my side…. Shayla Gibson, Tyrese Gibson and my real wife Samantha Lee Gibson – period.

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