China urges U.S to maintain healthy, stable bilateral ties

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Trade war affects both USA and China, says UNCTAD

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China’s Ministry of Commerce on Thursday urged the United States to work with China to maintain healthy and stable bilateral ties.

“Abandoning the Cold War mentality and hegemony, the world’s two largest economies would maintain win-win cooperation and mutual development.

“And together they could push prosperity in the global economy,’’ the ministry Spokesperson Gao Feng told a press briefing.

Commenting on the newly released U.S. national security strategy report, Gao said the report had raised global concerns about the stability of the world’s economy.

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The report, released by U.S. President Donald Trump on Monday, refers to China and Russia as “revisionist powers,’’ and lists them as “competitors’’ seeking to alter the status quo that favours the United States.

“As the world’s economic recovery remained sluggish, a stable expectation would be crucial for maintaining the recovery momentum,’’ Gao said.

He said the new type of international relationship should not be one of zero-sum competition and China had always viewed the United States and other economic and trade partners as cooperators, but not competitors.

“China has never engaged in, and will never pursue so-called economic aggression policies,’’ the spokesperson said