Pen Cinema Bridge: Lagos Government announces traffic diversion from Jan. 4

Market 4

The market being demolished

The market being demolished

The Lagos State Government on Monday announced plans to enforce a partial restriction of movement for motorists in the Agege axis to accelerate the ongoing construction of the Pen Cinema flyover, with effect from Jan. 4.

The Permanent Secretary, Ministry of Works and Infrastructure, Mr Olujimi Hotonu, in a statememt, said there would be a complete closure of the roads in the axis at some point during the construction but that it would start with a partial restriction of movement.

Hotonu said traffic diversion routes have been created to ensure ease of movement along the corridor.

He said that vehicles coming from Ogba/Oba Ogunji, except articulated vehicles, were expected to come in through Ijaiye Low Cost Housing Estate to link Iju Road.

Hotonu said that articulated vehicles and other vehicles plying this axis had the option of either turning right toward Iju Road at the Pen Cinema intersection or turning left toward Moshalashi Alhaja.

“Similarly, vehicles coming from Iju Road should go toward Moshalashi Alhaja or turn toward Oba Ogunji/ Ogba, as the turning toward the right to the Railway crossing will remain closed.

“There will be a complete closure of the road for vehicles coming from Moshalashi Alhaja toward the Railway crossing, while vehicles coming from Moshalashi Alhaja axis will be expected to either move toward Iju Road or turn right toward Oba Ogunji/Ogba Road.

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“All vehicles coming from Old Abeokuta Motor Road are enjoined to go straight toward Agege Motor Road or turn right toward Afa Nla/Oke Koto Roads, while vehicles coming from Agege Motor Road are enjoined to go straight toward Old Abeokuta Motor Road or turn into Afa Nla/Oke Koto roads.

“No vehicle from these axis will be allowed to pass through the Pen Cinema intersection,” Hotonu said.

He assured that adequate arrangements had been made to mitigate the impact of the closure of the roads on motorists and residents.

Hotonu said that the restriction of movement was expected to last for an estimated period of between three and six months.

He said that this would enable the contractor take full advantage of the weather and space to deliver seamlessly, the critical aspect of the flyover construction that falls within the Pen Cinema roundabout and railway crossing at the Old Abeokuta Road junction.

He appealed for caution and cooperation with the traffic and security personnel deployed to ease movement, while regreting the inconveniences the partial restriction would cause motorists and residents.

Hotonu noted that the ultimate goal of the plan was to make life easier and improve traffic along the corridor.