Parents tasked on moral upbringing of children


FILE PHOTO: Child marriage (A 14-year-old girl holding her baby).

Women Friendly Initiative (WFI), an NGO, has called on parents to ensure proper upbringing of their children to avoid youthful exuberance and moral decadence.

Dr Francis Eremutha, the Chief Executive Officer of the organisation made the call in an interview with the News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) in Gwagwalada, Federal Capital Territory (FCT) on Monday.

Eremutha said moral decadence among youths had continued to increase due to lack of proper monitoring and counseling by parents.

“Goal setting will only come after a child might have received adequate upbringing from parents to succeed in life.

“I advise youths in the country to search for mentors in their chosen carriers so that they can be successful.

“Parents have a greater role to play in child upbringing and mentorship than peer groups and school environment,” he said.

He said mentorship was all about guiding the young ones on how to do things in the right manner instead of doing it blindly.

According to him, the involvement of youths in drug abuse and immorality has become rampant in the society.

He urged parents to ensure that the upbringing of their wards, especially girls was important as they needed to be properly monitored and guided.

“Positive values will enable the country to succeed with less difficulty if parents properly train their children.

“If you want to become a medical doctor, then imbibe positive values and find a successful doctor and let he or she be your mentor.

“Whatever field you want to specialise in, there is somebody who must put you through,” he said.

The chief executive called on the rich and political leaders to initiate empowerment programmes that would enable youths engage in self employment as well as discourage them from lawlessness and promiscuity.

He also called on community leaders to monitor the movement and activities of strangers in the society as that would help to sort out and avoid bad elements and deviants.