Falana to FG: Release El-zakzaky now


Sheikh-Ibraheem-El-Zakzaky, leader of Shiites in Kaduna

Sheikh-Ibraheem-El-Zakzaky, leader of Shiites in Kaduna

Human rights lawyer, Femi Falana has demanded from the Federal Government to immediately release Shiite leader, Sheik Ibraheem El-zakzaky from custody.

Last week, it was widely rumoured in the social media that El-zakzaky had died in the illegal custody of the State Security Service, but he has come up to say he was hale and hearty.

Falana, in a statement on Sunday said although he was compelled to dismiss the dangerous rumour via a public statement, he requested the federal government to release the Shiite leader and his wife for urgent medical attention.

“Instead of acceding to my request, the State Security Service mis-informed Sheik Elxakzaky and his wife of the readiness of the Federal government to release them after a media parade to assure the Shia community that the Sheik is alive and well. Hence, they agreed to the media parade which lasted for one minute and 20 seconds in an undisclosed detention custody in Abuja.

“But contrary to the official claim that the Shiite leader is hale and hearty, he is currently wearing a neck collar support which was procured for him when he fell sometime last December. That was when his personal doctor was allowed to examine him for the first time in his over 2-year detention period.

“Before the neck injury, he had lost his left eye while the recommendation of eye specialists that he be flown abroad to save the right eye and prevent him from going totally blind has been ignored by the federal government. In fact, the medical state of his wife is by far worse than his. She has been subjected to excruciating pain as some of the bullets deposited in her body on December 14, 2015 during the military invasion of their home in Zaria have not been removed.

“Hence, the organisers of the media parade deliberately prevented her from addressing the media representatives even though she was present at the so-called press conference,” he said.

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According to Falana, having paraded the couple before the media, albeit illegally, the federal government should immediately proceed to purge itself of the aggravated contempt of the Federal High Court by complying with the order for their release from the illegal custody of the State Security Service.

“The order which was made on December 2, 2016 has not been set aside by any higher court. Yet, the federal government which claims to operate under the Rule of Law has ignored the court order. However, if the federal government does not want to end the official impunity of treating a valid and subsisting court order with disdain it should release the Elxakzakys to their children who have applied to take them abroad for urgent medical treatment.

“This request is in line with Nigerian Prison Regulation 12 which stipulates that even convicts shall be released to their relatives or friends if the prison has no facilities for treating them. In Fawehinmi v The State (1990) 1 NWLR (pt 127) 486 the appellant was granted bail and released on bail pending trial by a military junta,” he said.

Falana stated that the situation should not be worse under a democratic dispensation, saying that in the instant case, the El-zakzakys had not been charged with any criminal offence whatsoever.

He said the spurious claim of the federal government that the detainees were held “in protective custody” was pooh poohed and dismissed by the Federal High Court (per G. O. Kolawole J.).

“Instead of chasing the shadow by subjecting the couple to illegal media parade, the federal government should direct the State Security Service to release them from illegal incarceration without any further delay,’ he said.