‘Shithole’: Trump reminded of Nigerians’ immense contributions to United States


President Donald Trump

President Donald Trump

The Nigerian Lawyers Association has joined numerous Nigerian groups in the U.S. to remind President Donald Trump of the immense contributions that Nigerians in the United States. are making to the country.

The Nigerian lawyers group, in a statement by its President, Gbemisola Aregbesola, expressed what it termed its “profound disappointment” with Trump’s alleged recent remarks concerning immigrants.

The U.S. president was reported to have made some disparaging remarks about immigrants from Haiti, El Salvador, and Africa but Trump had denied it.

“President Trump’s comments were not only discriminatory and divisive, they failed to acknowledge the many contributions that immigrants from these countries have made to the United States.

“Thousands of this country’s most productive citizens are from countries that the President has denounced with his comments.

“Indeed, African immigrants from Nigeria have successfully integrated into many areas of American society and can be found in sports, media, movies, medicine, law and academia,” Aregbesola said.

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According to her, the U.S. is a country made up of immigrants- from all over the world- who continue to provide significant and influential services that strengthen our nation and communities.

“The Nigerian Lawyers Association condemns any comments made by anyone that fail to recognise the contributions of all and seek to inflame biases.

“The Nigerian Lawyers Association stands by all immigrants and appreciates the diversity of culture, ideas, skills, talents that they bring to this country.

“It is this diversity that has contributed to the greatness of America, and has made this country a symbol of freedom and hope worldwide,” she said.